Zoe Lofgren

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Zoe Lofgren (1947-) is a U.S. Representative (D-California) who chairs the California Democratic congressional delegation. Hers is the 16th Congressional District, including most of San Jose, California in Santa Clara County, at the heart of Silicon Valley. She received a 0% "true liberal" rating from the American Conservative Union in 2008.

Previously, she was Staff Assistant to her predecessor, Congressman Don Edwards, 1970-1978, and worked on impeachment proceedings, the Equal Rights Amendment, and creation of the Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge in the South San Francisco Bay. Before that, she practiced immigration law as a partner in the firm of Webber & Lofgren, 1978-1980 and taught it at the University of Santa Clara School of Law, 1977-1980

She served on the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, 1981-1994.


  • Iraq War: opposed 2002 Iraq War authorization
  • Network neutrality: "I believe that a free, open, and non-discriminatory internet is essential to America's economic and cultural prosperity. I pledge to keep fighting to prevent special interests from using their control over "the pipes" to control content in a way that goes against the innovative spirit of the internet."



Associate member, Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus


  • B.A., Political Science, Stanford University, 1970
  • J.D., cum laude, University of Santa Clara School of Law, 1975