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A list of key readings about Witch-cult hypothesis.
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primary sources

  • The Golden Bough, James Frazer
  • The Witch-Cult in Western Europe, Margaret Murray
  • La Sorcière, Jules Michelet

secondary sources

  • The Triumph of the Moon - The Rise of Modern Pagan Witchcraft, Ronald Hutton
  • Europe's inner demons, Norman Cohn:
    • Chapter 8: 'The Society of Witches that never was'
    • Chapter 9: 'The Night Witch in Popular Imagination'
  • Historical Dictionary of Witchcraft, Michael D. Bailey
  • Witchcraft in Tudor and Stuart England, Alan Macfarlane
    • Chapter 1: Problems and sources in the study of Witchcraft'
    • Chapter 19: ' Some anthropological interpretations of Witchcraft'
  • Religion and The Decline of Magic, Keith Thomas
  • Encyclopedia of Social and Cultural Anthropology, ed. by A. Barnard and J. Spencer: 'Witchcraft and Sorcery'