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This article is basically copied from an external source and has not been approved.
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To do.

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As of now (June 1, 2010), this is NOT a status 1 article ready for approval.

This article consists mostly of content from the same article in WP without anyone attempting to critically review it. It lacks many needed wiki links, it is virtually an orphan, it has no Definition subpage, no Related Articles subpage and no External links subpage. The Bibliography subpage is simply a list of internet website pages without any of the corresponding urls, so that they are not easily referred to.

A goodly part of the information in this article more or less repeats content in Renewable energy.

Because it lacks any detailed review/critique/edits and most of the subpages, I have revised the status from 1 to 4 (an external article). The original creator, John Foster, left CZ after being a member for only 4-5 days. Milton Beychok 01:27, 2 June 2010 (UTC)