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To do.

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Would benefit from a more focused introduction

Which role (now listed in the opening sentence) is the one that makes this person of historical importance? The intro says he was:

  • a French-educated engineer
  • a hero in the Vietnamese resistance against the French colonists
  • a French-educated medical doctor
  • an intellectual
  • a politician

This kind of long list is commonly used for article openers over in Wikipedia, but we are trying to do better here by having the first 100 or so words very clearly state what thing the person is most importantly remembered for. One reason is that the bubble help in browsers, when you mouse over a link to another article, will show only about the first 100 words, so do we really want to waste those words saying he was an intellectual? Also, people may be doing a quick lookup instead of in depth research, in which case, they just want the article to get immediately to the important point. Finally, the younger generation, who don't even like reading but prefer to watch videos instead, may not have an attention span that lasts more than 2-3 paragraphs. Hence, as a writer of non-fiction, it is my belief that the best Citizendium article openers should be as compelling and informative as possible. They must not be padded with details that are far less important. Is it that this man was a hero in the resistance? I think this aticle would benefit from putting ONLY that most important role in the first sentence. After briefly explaining what he did in that role, THEN would be appropriate to mention that he was also (the other 4 things). Pat Palmer (talk) 18:24, 7 April 2024 (CDT)