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 Definition Primates in the Tribe Hominini which is a relatively recent classification under which it is proposed would fall all of the fossil and living bipedal apes including the Australopithecines, fossil members of the genus Homo and living humans. It is generally replacing the term hominid in the scientific literature. [d] [e]
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  • If we are supposed to have articles at singular versions of names, shouldn't this be at hominin, or would that be awkward or otherwise wrong?
  • Will there be homo and hominid articles? What relation will they bear to this one? --Larry Sanger 05:32, 11 August 2007 (CDT)
  • Morning Larry - I actually agree it should be Hominin, but when I typed that in it redirected me to Hominini and I was new at the time.... I have planned to write a short hominid article that would review the use of the term - for completeness I would think -unless you think an article that simply redirected to this one would be more efficient? I beleive that there certainly should be an article for Homo and each genus and species eventually e.g. Homo sapiens, Homo erectus etc. I guess one of the things that attracts me to a web-based encyclopedia of this nature is that eventually one could review all of human knowledge in one place and that really is something. Is that the basic philosophy you are going for? I'm busy working up the Primate article now and by bracketing every genus and species was hoping that some clever primatologist would pick one or two and fill these in. Is that the way to go?

Lee R. Berger 07:16, 11 August 2007 (CDT)