Shawn Guetschow

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Shawn Guetschow
Born 1985
Occupation police officer

Shawn Guetschow is a police officer in Kenosha, Wisconsin.[1][2][3] On March 4, 2022, Guetschow was working as a school security officer, a separate job he worked at, when he was off-duty as a police officer. He came across two twelve year old girls, fighting in a school cafeteria. Bystanders recorded video of him restraining one of them with a knee-on-neck restraint.

The school district started an inquiry into Guetschow's use of force. However, they terminated the inquiry prior to it publishing formal conclusions, when he resigned his part time job. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published an excerpt from Guetschow's letter of resignation, where he wrote he was forced to resign due to the School District's lack of support for him.[4]

The Kenosha police charged the girl with disorderly conduct.[5][6] Lawyers for the girl's family asserted the Police charged her in an attempt to shut down her complaints about one of their officers. As of May, 2022, Guetschow was still employed by the Kenosha police.

The girl's family has said that doctors tell them she suffered a traumatic brain injury, because of the restraint.[6]


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