Pyramid of Honor

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In the U.S. military, the pyramid of honor designates the relative status of military awards.

Italics indicate awards that are for bravery not against an enemy.

Awards for Valor
Army Navy and Marines Air Force
Medal of Honor
Distinguished Service Cross Navy Cross Air Force Cross
Silver Star
Distinguished Flying Cross with Combat V
Soldier's Medal Navy and Marine Corps Medal Airman's Medal
Bronze Star with Combat V
Air Medal with Combat V [1] Air Medal with Combat V Air Medal with Combat V
Awards for Noncombat achievement
Army Navy and Marines Air Force Joint
Distinguished Service Medal Defense Distinguished Service Medal
Legion of Merit[2]
Bronze Star
Army Commendation Medal Navy Commendation Medal Air Force Commendation Medal Joint Service Commendation Medal
Army Achievement Medal Navy Achievement Medal Air Force Achievement Medal Joint Service Achievement Medal
Recognition of serving well in combat
Army Navy Air Force
Combat Infantry Badge, Combat Medical Badge, Close Combat Badge Combat Action Ribbon


  1. There is a different V for individual acts, and for numbers of combat missions (i.e., "strike/flight")
  2. While this exists in only 1 grade for U.S. personnel, there are multiple grades used in ceremonial presentations to foreign officials.