Missouri (U.S. state)

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This article is about Missouri (U.S. state). For other uses of the term Missouri, please see Missouri (disambiguation).
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Missouri is one of the states of the United States of America, having become a state in 1821. In the American Civil War (1861-1865), Missouri's elected government did not cecede from the union, but it had a "rump government", an unelected group that proclaimed secession in 1861[1][2] and was accepted into the Confederate States of America, while the United States continued to claim Missouri as its own. At the time, Missouri allowed slavery and had both Unionist and Confederate counties, including some Unionist slave-owners.

Missouri is landlocked. To its north lies Iowa and across the Mississippi River to the east Illinois (U.S. state), Kentucky, and Tennessee. To the south Missouri is bordered by Arkansas (U.S. state) and to the west by Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska.

Slightly more than half of the population lives in the two major urban areas, St. Louis, Missouri and Kansas City, Missouri. "Kansas City (metropolitan area)" is actually a single urban area of Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri, split by the Missouri River. Jefferson City is the capital of Missouri.

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  1. The text of Missouri's Ordinance of Secession.
  2. The pro-Confederate politicians tried to meet in Neosho, Missouri, and then were driven out of the entire state.