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Methamphetamine is an organic chemical substance. Its chemical name is d-N-methylamphetamine and the chemical formula is C10H15N. Methamphetamine is an amine derivative of amphetamine.

In modern times, due to its stimulant effects, methamphetamine has been used by humans as a psychoactive drug. Methamphetamine ingested into the human body drastically increases the release of neurotransmitter dopamine and stimulates the brain cells. It is highly addictive and poses as a health hazard to the human central nervous system.

Methamphetamine used by humans is primarily synthesized in laboratories, often in secret, since most countries have banned its production. The Controlled Substance Act in the United States lists methamphetamine as a Schedule II substance, which means it has high potential for abuse and only very limited medical uses and research are allowed. The production, distribution, and possession of the substance is illegal and punishable by long prison terms in the United States and many other countries. However, a black market of methamphetamine, along with it of other drugs, flourishes. Street name of Methamphetamine include "meth" and "speed".