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A list of key readings about Franz Boas.
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the basic works
  • Robert H. Lowie: Reminiscences of Anthropological Currents in America Half a Century Ago. In: American Anthropologist, Vol. 58, 1956, pp. 995–1015.
  • Robert H. Lowie: The History of Ethnological Thought. New York, 1966 (2nd edition).
  • George Stocking, Jr.: Race, Culture and Evolution. New York, 1968.
  • Walter Goldschmidt (editor): The anthropology of Franz Boas. San Francisco, 1959.
works used for the article Franz Boas

Justin Stagl: Kulturanthropologie und Gesellschaft. List, Munich (München; GFR; in German), 1974. Stagl is an ethnologist.