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For more information, see: MediaWiki#Namespaces.

Main articles and most of their associated subpages are in what is called the Main namespace. We say "most" because, technically speaking, any article's talk page is in the Talk space and the metadata template is in the Template space. User pages for individual authors and their associated talk pages and personal sandboxes (if any) are all in what is called the Userspace, and Citizendium's policy and instruction pages (this one, for instance) are in the CZ namespace. Except for the main namespace, all namespaces are characterized by the page titles being preceded with a prefix (e.g. "Talk" or "CZ") and a colon.

Our namespaces

You can use the drop-down menu on Special:Allpages to list the active namespaces on Citizendium. The table below lists the namespaces on Citizendium.

(Note that the number of pages in each namespace may not be displayed on all MediaWiki projects, because this counting feature may be disabled): on this Wiki, per-namespace page counting is currently disabled.)

Variables Alternate syntax Name, linked to list of all such pages Nr. of pages
{{ns:-2}} {{ns:media}} "Media"   Pseudo-namespace for images and other files themselves, as opposed to the image description pages; see also below.
{{ns:-1}} {{ns:special}} "Special"   Pseudo-namespace for special pages (list: Special:Specialpages).
{{ns:0}} main disabled The main namespace; no prefix, or optionally a colon (this is needed when using a page here as template).
{{ns:1}} {{ns:talk}} Talk disabled This and the following odd-numbered namespaces are used to contain discussion about pages in the corresponding even-numbered namespaces; see here for more.
{{ns:2}} {{ns:user}} User disabled Registered users (list: Special:Listusers) have a user homepage User:username (linked to by the system from user names in lists of edits, e.g. on page histories, and from signatures on talk pages); this and subpages of it can be used to present oneself, for project-related bookmarks, and for drafts, tests, and other working material. One can put here material to give oneself one-step access to it from any page in the same project, and one can put here links to give oneself two-step access to the link targets from any page in the same project as the user page.
{{ns:3}} {{ns:user_talk}} User talk disabled The canonical location for leaving messages for a particular user.
{{ns:4}} {{ns:project}} Citizendium Pilot disabled Used for working on policy and documentation during the early stages of the project; all content has been moved to the CZ namespace now.
{{ns:5}} {{ns:project_talk}} Citizendium Pilot Talk disabled  
{{ns:6}} {{ns:image}} File disabled Holds images and other uploaded files, with image description pages (list: Special:Imagelist).
{{ns:7}} {{ns:image_talk}} File talk disabled  
{{ns:8}} {{ns:mediawiki}} MediaWiki disabled System messages are here (list: Special:Allmessages), editable by users, or if protected, only by sysops.
{{ns:9}} {{ns:mediawiki_talk}} MediaWiki talk disabled  
{{ns:10}} {{ns:template}} Template disabled The default namespace for templates: the wikitext code {{name}} refers to and includes the page Template:name. Currently, also holds the 'metadata' about articles, and image credit information.
{{ns:11}} {{ns:template_talk}} Template talk disabled  
{{ns:12}} {{ns:help}} Help disabled Normally used for user documentation on most projects running MediaWiki; mostly unused here.
{{ns:13}} {{ns:help_talk}} Help talk disabled  
{{ns:14}} {{ns:category}} Category disabled Each page (list: Special:Categories) represents a category of pages, with each category page displaying a list of pages in that category along with optional additional text.
{{ns:15}} {{ns:category_talk}} Category talk disabled  
{{ns:100}} CZ disabled Holds policy, instructions and documentation for the project.
{{ns:101}} CZ Talk disabled  
{{ns:102}} TI disabled Holds statements which we wish to use as citeable sources from people who were participants in events we wish to document, etc.
{{ns:103}} TI Talk disabled  
{{ns:104}} WYA disabled Used for the now-dormant What's Your Article? project.
{{ns:105}} WYA Talk disabled  

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