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Parent topics

  • Hypothalamus [r]: A part of the mammalian brain located below the thalamus, forming the major portion of the ventral region of the diencephalon. [e]
  • Neuroendocrinology [r]: The study of the interactions between the nervous system and the endocrine system. [e]


Other related topics

  • Growth hormone [r]: A peptide hormone that is made in and secreted from the somatotroph cells of the anterior pituitary gland, and which is essential for regulating post-natal growth in all mammals. [e]
  • Prolactin [r]: Hormone secreted from lactotroph cells of the anterior pituitary gland with an essential role in lactation. [e]
  • Median eminence [r]: Specialised region at the base of the brain containing the hypothalamo-hypophysial portal vessels and neuroendocrine nerve endings that release their products into them. [e]
  • Somatostatin [r]: Neuropeptide whose best known function is as a hypothalamic factor that inhibits the secretion of growth hormone. [e]
  • Neuropeptide Y [r]: A 36-amino acid peptide neurotransmitter found in the CNS and autonomic nervous system. [e]
  • Hunger [r]: Localized subjective sensation, caused by emptiness and a resulting hypermotility of the stomach. [e]
  • Obesity [r]: Excessive stores of body fat. [e]
  • Leptin [r]: Hormone secreted by adipocytes that regulates appetite. [e]
  • Ghrelin [r]: A hormone produced by P/D1 cells lining the fundus of the human stomach that stimulate appetite. [e]