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When DNA got approved a fairly short history section got axed. See the talk page at Talk:DNA.

What is a History subpage?

To give a historical perspective on the topic of the main article that would otherwise not touch in detail on this topic.


Almost all articles in science have a backdrop story. This may be about famous individuals, collaboration or very canny experiments that led to major breakthroughs in a biological area. Many of these topics will have their own full blown articles but a small perspective related more directly to the topic of the article is an advantage. The example I give above is the intriguing story of the double helix that involves some of the more well know characters in science.

Another purpose here is to help the history workgroup become more focused. Previously (i'll try and find a link to the discussion), many historical workgroup categories were being handed out to borderline history topics. Now historians can focus on the history subpages, if they choose, or on the main history articles.

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