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Content Policy

This is the root page for all Citizendium content policy pages. "Content policy" concerns accuracy, good scholarship, formatting, and other matters.
If you would like our "top policy picks," or the most important policy documents, see:
  1. Citizendium Charter
  2. Approval Standards
  3. Article Mechanics
  4. Neutrality Policy
  5. Subpages
  6. Naming Conventions
  7. How to convert Wikipedia articles to Citizendium articles

General article policy and instructions
Approval Standards
The basic qualities of a good encyclopedia article.
Article Mechanics
A guide to encyclopedia article style and mechanics.
What Citizendium articles are not
A few items that one should not confuse Citizendium encyclopedia articles with.
Sage advice on writing CZ articles
Just a few words of wisdom.

Fundamental principles
Neutrality Policy
Fairly represent all sides of a dispute
Article Inclusion
If an article is of very low quality and nobody is interested in developing it, it can be removed by Editorial decision.

Media policy
How to upload and give credit for images.
Media Assets Workgroup
A proposed workgroup would help manage our media resources.
Fair Use Policy
Guidance for fair use issues.

Topic Informants and Self-Promotion
Policy on Topic Informants
What we do when someone with a vested interest in a topic wants to get involved.
Topic Informant Workgroup
Interviewers and writers volunteering to work with topic informants.
Policy on Self-Promotion
Thou shalt not promote thyself.

We're not just an encyclopedia. See what else.
Default subpages
Related Articles and Definitions | Bibliography | External Links
Subpages that should be included in (almost) all articles.
Optional subpages
Catalogs, timelines, galleries, tutorials--all different sorts of reference information.

Special issues
Even "stubs," very short articles, can be high quality.
How to convert Wikipedia articles to Citizendium articles
If you must upload that Wikipedia article, here's how.
Topic Choice
First step is to pick a topic; a few rules about that.
Naming Conventions
How to name articles.
Citation style
How to cite articles and books.
Formatting Mathematics
How to format mathematical equations.
Page categories
How they are used here.
"Disambiguation pages" let people choose which sense of a term they're interested in.

Essentially, unapproved articles shouldn't be relied upon, and we officially make no guarantees about our approved articles, either.
CZ is free, but see this page for formal details about our licensing scheme.
Reusing Citizendium Content
A more informal explanation of how to reuse our content.
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License
Our main license (used for articles that began life here). This is the dry legalese.
GNU Free Documentation License
The other of our licenses (used for articles that began life on Wikipedia). This is the dry legalese.
Reusing Media Hosted at Citizendium
How you may reuse media we host.
Contributors, it's important to document use permissions you receive.
See also Privacy policy
Part of our Organization pages.

Citizendium Content Policy
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